Small Business
Social Media Marketing

Affordable Social Media Marketing with local Small Businesses in Mind

Social Media doesn't have to be time-consuming.

When you partner with Mango Social Co we ensure to understand your brand and your customer. First, we start with onboarding, where we collect all of the necessary information in order for us to make the best content possible.

  • Payment

First thing's first, we get the payment and billing information sorted.

  • Onboarding Form

We send you our onboarding form. This way we have information about you and your business to get us started!

  • Communication Setup

In 24-48 hours, you'll receive an invite to your own Slack channel for direct access to your project manager and designer.

It's time to get creative.

Next, we start building our your new content! Your assigned content specialist will use the information provided during on-boarding, along with our own research, to put together your amazing, new content. We don't just make the graphics; we also write your captions and do the tedious hashtag research for you.

  • Content Research

In order for us to create the bets content possible, we start doing some research into industry trends, your competitors, etc.

  • Graphic Design

We don't just use stock images as posts, we create beautiful, on-brand graphics to represent your company.

  • Caption Writing & Hashtags

In addition to graphics, we write caption in a professional format, along with deeply researched hashtags.

Content Approval & Posting Made Easy

When your content is ready for review, it will be put into our content approval system. Your assigned content specialist will let you know that it's ready for approval. You can review the content and, if needed, you can request adjustments to it.

  • Review Content

You don't just get to look at your new content, you get to review it with no additional charges.

  • Approve or Request Adjustments

When reviewing your content, you can approve posts you like and request revisions on posts you want us to edit or replace.

  • Scheduling & Reporting

We get your posts scheduled at the optimal time and share weekly reporting, so you can stay in the loop on how your client's posts are performing.

Simple and Affordable Pricing

Social Media doesn't have to be expensive.


Starting out on social media with a focus on consistent content.



  • 12 Posts per Month

  • Personal Account Manager