7 Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement

7 Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement

Social media is a great way to reach your audience and engage with them on a personal level. However, it can be difficult to find the time or energy to maintain an active social media presence.

In this blog post, we are going to look at 7 easy ways you can increase engagement on Instagram and so that you can stay connected with your followers!

1.) Write engaging captions to grab the attention of the user.

When finishing your post, don't forget to write an engaging caption to grab the attention of your followers! The caption should also include a call to action (CTA).

An engaging Instagram caption could be something like "What's your favorite place to go to on the weekend?" with a CTA saying, "Share and tag your friends!"

2.) Make sure your posts look good or aesthetic!

If you want people to stop and look at your post, you need to make sure it looks aesthetic. That means getting rid of any distracting backgrounds or clutter and making the colors pop!

A small aesthetic tip is using filters that coincide with what your brand is all about (for example, if you're a coffee shop don't use too many vintage filters) and editing images so they are not grainy but clean and clear. You want people looking at your post long enough so that they can read the content! This will help increase engagement rates by grabbing their attention.

Need some image inspiration? Try taking a look at Unsplash.com!

3.) Engage with your target audience.

Don't forget to go and engage with your followers and target audience when posting!

Before and after posting, you should always go and engage with your audience. This means you should be asking to comment and liking their posts.

Posting on social media is important because it allows people to find your blog post, but if you are not engaging with them as well then they might become uninterested, unfollow you, or simply unable to even find you!

Before I post anything anywhere on Instagram nowadays I make sure that my pictures have been edited, look clear and grab your attention. You want people looking at your post long enough for them to read what's written in it- this will help increase engagement rates!

4.) Get to know your true target audience

Don't just think about how they can like and comment on your post-- dig deeper into who they are as a person, find out what they're interested in and when you know them better, start looking for ways to connect with them more personally!

You want people to like and comment on your post? Show the right amount of personality. Talk about things that matter to YOU, not just someone else. This way when people mention or ask you something it's easy for you to answer back (and even share those posts!) We all need our sense of self-worth so if we have one then it will free up space from others' opinions on us.

5.) Be authentic on your social media

It can be a tough balancing act, but it doesn't have to be.

If you want more likes and followers on social media, don't forget to be authentic! You'll make the most of your connections when you are true to yourself. The best way to do this is by posting what you genuinely care about in daily life, sharing with your friends and family only the intimate thoughts and feelings that matter.

6.) Share user-generated-content more often

Sharing user-generated content more often will help you connect with your audience and create a sense of community.

User-generated content means people are doing what you do, and they love it. If you see someone posting about your business/brand, take that post and throw it up on your Instagram story!

They’ll feel thrilled you were listening, and other followers may be compelled to start tagging you in their content as well.

7.) Respond to your comments

When engaging with followers, it's important to respond when they comment on your posts. It shows them you care about their opinion and helps build a better relationship with your audience!

If you're engaging in conversations-- be sure to ask questions too! This will help keep the conversation going as well as create a sense of community.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, there are hundreds of ways to increase your Instagram engagement and overall give your account a 'boost'. But it always comes down to the user experience or in this case, your target audience!

We hope your found these 7 tips helpful and that you can use them to increase your engagement! 

Share what you do on Instagram to increase engagement! What are some of your favorite ways to use social media for both business and personal purposes?

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