Top 5 Social Media Schedulers For Social Media Managers

Top 5 Social Media Schedulers For Social Media Managers

Social media marketers can have many duties, most commonly creating and publishing content for their clients. 

Fortunately, numerous social media management tools can help ease the work load. These tools are designed to streamline your workflow, allow you to save a lot of time and even make sure your content is consumed with the right audience at the best time!

With several great social media management tools in the market, finding the best social media scheduler can be challenging.

We picked our top 5 social media schedulers that we think are best for social media managers and agency owners. 

1.) Later

Later is a great social media management tool that focuses on Instagram. However, you can still connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles. This tool comes with a visual content calendar that allows you to drag and drop pictures to schedule posts to all your platforms at once, with ease. 

It also features a unique and free link-in-bio tool that agency owners can use on their Instagram profiles to connect to a shoppable Instagram feed or different blog posts and websites!

Fun Fact: Our agency actually uses Later as our company scheduler for all of our clients! What do we love most about Later? Their stunning and easy to use UX/UI, their flexible pricing for agencies and the fact that they’re an approved & official partner for all platforms!

Pricing: Starts at $15/mo with a Freemium plan available.

2.) Buffer

Buffer is one of the most intuitive and streamlined social media management platforms trusted by many agency owners. The tool plays a role in helping users drive meaningful engagement and results on social media.

It features a suite of products for analytics, team collaboration, engagement, and publishing. Its products are well-considered and refined to assist social media marketers, and teams work effectively and efficiently!

Pricing: Starts at $15/mo with a Freemium plan available.

3.) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the biggest social media management platforms utilized by more than 15M people and over 800 of the Fortune 1000 firms. The tool has been successful for many reasons. 

As an all-in-one management tool, Hootsuite allows users to curate and schedule content, compute social ROI, and even run social media adverts!

Hootsuite is a comprehensive social scheduling tool. So, there are many things that users love about this platform. Having the power to monitor several accounts and keywords, link with more than 35 social networks, and bulk-schedule your social media posts. 

Pricing: Starts at $49/mo with a 30-day free trial available.

4.) Sprout Social

Sprout Social integrates multiple social media tools into a single platform, such as social media scheduling, monitoring, and reporting. Many users love this tool since it offers CRM (customer relationship management) features.

It helps you have a comprehensive profile for your clients as this assists you to serve them well and establish a long-lasting relationship with them!

Pricing: Starts at $99/mo with a 30-day free trial available.

5.) Loomly 

Loomly is a content creation tool that simplifies the work of social media managers and agency owners. It’s a calendar-focused tool that has improved the publishing work by providing dynamic post ideas. It keeps the user abreast of events, hashtags, and trends such that you can quickly run promotions associated with them. 

It even suggests post concepts to allow you to make fresh content at any time. Loomly posting  for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Pricing: Starts at $34/mo with a 15-day free trial available.

As a social media manager or an agency owner, workload can be heavy and taking on more clients can be impossible. This is when most will start to consider hiring their first team member or looking at white-label agencies.

This is where Mango Social shines. We work with dozens of agencies and social media managers to help them bring in, manage and keep clients happy with their social media! Hop into our agency program(for free) and get access to exclusive pricing, secret add-ons, free resources and more!  

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