Our Marketing Strategy Workbook

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30+ Pages

This workbook includes over 30 pages of prompts, questions, and worksheets for building a marketing strategy for your business!

Covers Everything!

This isn't a simple 3-step workbook on building a marketing strategy. We provide everything you need to put together the entire puzzle.

Ready To Print & Use

No need to mess around in Canva or Photoshop. Once you sign up, simply download the PDF, print it out, and start building your marketing strategy!

Build out your brand

In this section, you go in-depth to strategically build our your brand!

The Basics of Your Business

Starting with the basics, you break down what exactly you'll be doing and offering.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is important, so we go over your brand voice, your positioning, audience, etc..

Mission & Voice Statement

Having a mission & a voice is vital for a brand, so make sure to take your time on this one!

Identify your ideal client

Going after a niche isn't enough, you need to dive into the details!

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Who exactly are you looking to work with? What's their age, income, career, etc...?

Where Is Your Ideal Client?

Where does your ideal client spend the most time? Break it down to their favorite platform.

What Are Their Pain Points?

If you want to help your ideal clients, you first need to discover their pain points, then you can offer a solution.

Create a unique marketing approach.

Marketing can be tough, especially when your role is every position in the business.

Organic Social Media Plan

Having a good social media presence is crucial. Although for it to be effective, we need a good organic plan.

Tracking Competitors

Don't run from your competitors. Observe what they're doing and take notes on what you could improve.

Overall Market Analysis

The world is changing everyday, so it's important to keep track of your industry!!

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The first 10 people will get a free bonus when we release the workbook❤️