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Outsourcing made easy.

So, why outsource to us?

Affordable pricing.

We don't charge $1000's, we don't do contracts either. This way you're not locked in forever and you're making more profit with your clients!

Professional content.

We take time on our content. We don't outsource to to people for $3/hr, we don't make Fiverr quality content and we definitely don't reuse the same stuff across clients! So stay assured that you ALWAYS get high quality content.

No more running around.

We take the busy work out of your agency. You don't have to run around hiring and firing designers. We handle everything for you, so all you have to do is close your clients.

How do I become an agency partner?

It's a quick & simple process!

1.) Application

This isn't some scary corporate job application. We just have you fill out a simple form to make sure you're an actual agency, what you do and if we would genuinely be a good fit. Don't worry though, we like to work with everyone!

2.) Approval

Once we 'approve' your 'application', we let you know that you're all set and move forward to the next steps!

3.) Setting You Up

After approval, we start getting you all setup and added into our client-adding dashboard and a Trello board with dozens of resources for you.

4.) Getting You Started

Finally, after you're all setup and ready to go, we run you through the process of how everything goes and how to add clients. At last, you start chasing after those clients!

Outsourcing made affordable.

Outsourcing clients doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

Recieve exclusive pricing, agency resources, & more.

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  • Affordable Pricing
  • Professional Content
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest
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Are there any contracts?

Nope! We believe in earning your business month after month, so there’s no contract involved. You can cancel anytime you’d like but we ask you to let us know at least 1 week beforehand.

Can I review the content beforehand and does it cost extra?

Yes you can and it's free! You will ALWAYS be given the chance to review your content before it is posted, we want to make sure you love your content. Unlike some agencies, we will NEVER charge you to look over your own content.

What do I get for being an Agency Partner?

We provide exclusive pricing and loads of agency resources/content examples so you can close all the clients you want! With us, your agency can finally be a well oiled machine :)

How will you know what to post?

Once you sign up, your assigned Content Specialist will begin researching your industry, competitors, and target audience. Once that is concluded and your content is made, your will be allowed to review content before it is posted!

Do I have to pay for extra platforms?

No you don't! All 3 of our plans include up posting on up to 5 platforms. Those platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Will my client see Mango Social Co?

No! We use white-label emails and from their point of view, we are just your team :)

Can I see content Examples?

Of course! You'll get loads when you become an agency partner, but you can view some now over at our main website!

Have some questions?

Just shoot us an email!